Race Time - June 27, 2015 at 7 am

Thanks, everyone! I had a great time. The next installment will be on Aug 15, 2015. The results are here. There is a gallery of photos here.

What is LUCY?

Lucy is my dog. She's had a lot of puppies. That makes her a real ... but you're wondering about the triathlon. This is Brett's Invitational Triathlon CHallenge. It's a practice, casual, standard (Olympic) distance triathlon (approx 1500m/40km/10km swim/bike/run).

Swim ... bike ... run ... What's not to like? I like the sports in a triathlon. I even like triathlons. But it's really hard to travel, to find a free weekend, to find a race close by, and to find a Saturday race. I and some of my friends just wanted a casual event that we would be able to do together. And we were hoping that we could organize it just enough so that someone would watch our bikes and keep some water close by. So I thought that I'd make one.

This is essentially just a brick workout. Timing is mostly by Strava for those who have it, but we will do some timing for you at the transition areas. You are responsible for your safety in the water, on the bike, and on the run. You are responsible for knowing how far to go and where to turn.

Race support will include only watching your bike at the transition areas at T1 and T2 and supplying water at the transition area and at the Salmon's House at the 5 k point of the run. We may also help you record your times. You are required to bring any gels or water that you need at any other point, including the bike.

If you asked me to make you a T-shirt and paid for it, I will make you one.


Race Time - June 27, 2015 at 7 am

We'll be meeting at about 7 am for an approximate 7:30 am start time. Meet at the Kal Beach parking lot. The entrance is on Husband Road. The gate is supposed to be open at 7am.

Race Course

The swim ... about 1.6km. Start at the east end of Kal Beach. From the shore, run/swim to the first buoy at the end of the pier at Alexander's Pub. Then follow the outside of the white buoys around to the other side of Kal Beach to the last buoy in just before exiting the water on the west side. Circle that buoy and then return to the first buoy. On the return, stay on the inside of the buoys for traffic flow, but stay close to the buoys. Do it one more time and then return to the beach at the east end of Kal Beach for the bike transition.

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T1 - Will either be on the grass at Alexanders or in the parking lot by the vehicles just off Husband road.

UPDATE: New bike course. The bike... from T1 get on your bike and head east on Kalamalka Lake Road, then left onto Aberdeen Road. Cross the highway at the lights and head down Buchanan to the end. Take just a small section on the highway, but watch out for traffic, then take School Road through Lavington until you reach Learmouth. Follow Learmouth to the end toward the east (turn left). There will be some twists and turns and a gradual climb. Then, you'll get to the end of Learmouth and turn left onto Reid (follow the good pavement) and then follow it up around the corner to the last corner where Whitevale Road meets Bluenose road. Touch the Blue Posts (see the picture below). Then turn around and head back to transition by the same route.

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T2 - Will either be on the grass at Alexanders or in the parking lot by the vehicles just off Husband road.

The run... from transition follow Kalamalka Road east to Howe Road. Turn right at Howe Road and then right again at Mackie Drive. Follow Mackie Drive to the Salmons', where there will be water. This is 5k. Turn around and go back toward Howe Road and then left again to Kalamalka Road and follow it back to transition and the finish!

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Who can race?

You need to be invited by me or by someone who has been invited. Email me to get on the mailing list.