What is the Thanksgiving Fun Run?

For those who are interested in a little bit of a fall challenge to see where there fitness is at, or just for a fun family activity that involves a little exercise, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to do the fun run (or ride, roll, crawl, etc).

This is essentially just a fun workout with your friends and family. Timing is mostly by Strava for those who have it, but we will do some timing for you at the parking lot. You are responsible for your safety on the run. You are responsible for knowing how far to go and where to turn. You are responsible for your children.

Race support will include only supplying water at the parking lot and at the Salmon's House at the 5 k point of the run. We may also help you record your times. You are required to bring any water, food, or gels that you need at any other point.

If the weather's good, some of us will also do a triathlon that day.


Race Time - Saturday, Oct 10, 2015 at 11 am (Thanksgiving Weekend)

We'll be meeting at about 10:30 am for an approximate 11:00 am start time. Meet at the Kal Beach parking lot. The entrance is on Husband Road.

The Course

Run from the Kal Beach parking lot. Follow Kalamalka Road east to Howe Road. Turn right at Howe Road and then right again at Mackie Drive. Follow Mackie Drive to the Salmons', where there will be water. This is 5k. Turn around and go back toward Howe Road and then left again to Kalamalka Road and follow it back to the parking lot and the finish!

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Who can race?

You need to be invited by me or by someone who has been invited. If you're reading this, you've been invited.


Available here

Final Position Bib Number Last Name First Name Group  Time
1 10 Poulin Ben 0:45:55.80
2 1 Draper Andrew 0:46:23.40
3 9 Poulin Lucy 0:50:28.00
4 9 Poulin Brett 0:50:28.40
5 2 Burnham Kent 0:50:30.50
6 3 Link Gary 0:53:12.00
7 7 Nielsen Laura 1:05:56.00
8 6 Kane Christin 1:05:57.00
9 15 Kane Ridley 1:21:04.00
10 23 Beiber Jim 1:27:51.00
22 Draper Shelley Short Track 0:18:00.00
1 14 Poulin Robyn Cycle 0:35:48.90
2 4 Whibley Loralei Cycle 0:40:29.80
3 8 Salmon Angela Run/Cycle 0:48:00.00
4 11 Poulin Abigail Cycle 1:21:25.10
5 Whibley Tavis Went Home
1 12 Poulin Seth Run/Ride 0:59:56.90
1 14 Timms Victoria Run/Ride 0:59:56.90
1 16 Timms Elizabeth Run/Ride 0:59:56.90
1 17 Kane Willow Run/Ride 0:59:56.90